MagiCut Brochure 2023

The brochure has a lot of inspiring examples and is made to be very easy to read. Learn more about the colors, consult cutting instructions or scan the QR codes to read even more information on the relevant product page.

View the latest Heat transfer Vinyls including MagiCut Puff and the latest Glow in the dark colors or view all colors of the popular MagiCut 123Flex. There is plenty of inspiration to be found that you may want to try out or that you may not have seen at all. So quickly click on the download button and view this amazing new catalog.

With this compact, clear catalog we come one step closer to providing you with today’s most popular Heat Transfer Vinyl range.

Download here the new 2023 catalog

The complete range of cuttable and printables

In this new brochure is packed with all your favourite Heat Transfer Vinyls including all the cuttables and printables. With this brochure you are sure to find everything you want to know. In this brochure you can find:

* Product information

* All the available colours

* SKU’s

* Processing instructions

Two amazing addition to the MagiCut portfolio!

Threedimensional Puff in standard white and in metallic Gold. The new Puff is easy to cut, Puff’s like no other and has an extraordinarily strong washability.

More information about MagiCut Puff

The new MagiCut Photochromic is the most innovative HTV today with pigments that will change colour when it’s activated by UV Light. When it’s not activated through UV it will go to his original pigments.

More information about MagiCut Photochromic

MagiCut 2Print

Also our high quality printables are expanding rapidly and are not only suitable for eco solvent printers but also for latex printers.

With a OEKO-TEX certifications and Vegan certified they are not only produced the right way but they also give you the best quality.

* MagiCut 2Print

* MagiCut Application Tape

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