Frequently Asked Questions

On this page we give brief answers to most common questions asked on transfer paper.

Which materials can I print on with TheMagicTouch transfer paper?
100% cotton T-shirts print excellent but also mixed materials can be printed. For example, 30% polyester and 70% cotton. Also, 100% polyester T-shirts can be printed or fashionable T-shirts containing lycra.

What colour products can I print on with TheMagicTouch transfers?
For textile applications, all colours possible. Three different types of transfers are available, TTC for white, OBM and WoW for all colours. For the printing of non-porous materials (cups, wood, aluminium) a white or light surface is necessary, except when using a white toner printer.

Are the prints sustainable?
Most products are laundry and scratch resistant if the right equipment and proper instructions are followed. Most textiles are washable up to 40 ° C, preferably in a gentle wash cycle. Hard surface materials may need some accessories to print on, eg. a Softpad or an Applications Sponge. Some products are equipped with a special coating (cups, aluminium). All products we supply are tested and have proper Processing Instructions.

Is it possible to print on objects that do not fit under a Heat Press?
Yes. If the object that you want to print on does not fit under a Heat Press you can use DCT Transfer Paper, a special coated water-release slide-off decal. You can even position the transfer in the (holes) of a golf ball! Most common applications are modelling and candles.

Can I use the Transfer Paper with an inkjet printer?
No, the TheMagicTouch Transfer Paper is only available for colour laser and LED printers such as the Oki printers C711WT, C610 and C831.

Is TheMagicTouch Transfer Paper the same as sublimation?
No.TheMagicTouch Transfer Paper System works with the standard toner of colour laser or LED printers, such as the Oki printers C711WT, C610 and C831. The nine different transfer papers make printing on all colours and most materials possible. The Ricoh gel printer is converted to use special sublimation cartridges and supplied colour profiles. The surface must be 100% polyester and white. Sublimation uses only one kind of paper at a temperature of 200 ° C. TheMagicTouch Transfer Paper can be used with a minimum of 130 ° C, which allows printing of more delicate substrates.

Why does sublimation shine more than transfer paper?
The advantage of sublimation occurs because the sublimation ink is penetrating into the polyester of the product, particularly glossy ceramic has an optimum shine, making the design looks like a real glossy photograph.

Which system should I choose transfer or sublimation?
Both systems have their own qualities and it is entirely depending on the type of product you want to print. In the case of as many products as possible with an as low as possible investment, then the transfer system is the most versatile because it is not depending on a white and polyester substrate.

Are temporary tattoos dangerous to the skin?
Tattoo transfer paper has been tested and no adverse effects have occurred with the use of these temporary tattoos. The tattoo should not last longer than 5 days. Its use is discouraged in the face with very small children, removing the temporary tattoo may feel some pain on the delicate skin.