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18 – 21 February 2020
Las Vegas, USA
21 – 22 February 2020
Kansas City, USA
24 – 25 February 2020
Heemstede, The Netherlands
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How does it work?

In 4 steps to final product!

TheMagicTouch - How does it work?

Expand your ideas:

Custom printed mugs easily achieved using TheMagicTouch CPM 6.2

TheMagicTouch CPM 6.2 to create Mugs

Now available

Transfer Paper MicroBoxes
Small size boxes with 25 Sheets A4 TTC, CPM and OBM and 10 Sheets/Sets A4 of WoW, T.One, RST, DCT and Tattoo

Watch our application demo clips

TheMagicTouch Application Demo Clips

Now starring TheMagicTouch Application Demo clips. Not sure how to use our transfer paper, TheMagicTouch Application Demo clips allow you to see how to use the various products on different applications.

Where to find us

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