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Why do you deliver ex works?

The reason for sending directly from the factory is:

  1. Freight costs are (almost) always different.
  2. Customs obligations are different.

Where can I find the shipping details?

We inform you as soon as your shipment left our warehouse. It depends on the carrier how further information is shared.

My shipment is damaged?

When selecting our packaging, we take into account that our products have to be shipped worldwide. Of course it can happen that a shipment is damaged during transport for certain reasons. If you do not have transport insurance yourself, we recommend that you insure the shipment with your carrier.

Do you have proof of how the shipment was sent?

Yes, we always take several pictures before the shipment left to make sure that the shipment was in good order.

Can you organize shipping for me?

Yes, we can help you to find the best way to send your order. It will depend from which country you ordered from to find a good rate.