FREE Trial of our TheMagicTouch Software is Now Available to Download

Our simple and effective TheMagicTouch Software is now available to download as a FREE Trial. The reasons we decided to offer a free trial is because we want to show our audiences how simple, effective, and productive the TheMagicTouch Software is. Through a downloadable product you can try the TheMagicTouch Software for FREE for 14 days!

Download the TheMagicTouch Software FREE trial

After downloading the TheMagicTouch Software you’ll find a ZIP File in the checkout. After the ZIP-File is downloaded, you will receive an e-mail where we ask you what the printer serial number is of your printer. This is something we need to activate the FREE trial. After receiving the printer serial number, you will receive an e-mail from us with your personalised printer license which you can put into the TheMagicTouch Software FREE Trial. After the printer license code is put into the TheMagicTouch Software FREE trial you’re ready to enjoy your trial.

We recently updated our TheMagicTouch Software dramatically. Check out all the new features of TheMagicTouch Software

Why you choose for the TheMagicTouch Software

  1. Available in nine different languages
  2. One window to operate all the settings
  3. Personalize your custom (paper) settings
  4. Pattern print setup to lift up your designs
  5. All TheMagicTouch transferpapers pre-selected

One of the five new features of TheMagicTouch Software

  1. Pattern Print Setup
  2. Media Settings
  3. Color Preview
  4. Background Control
  5. Color Dialog

* Pattern Print or also called ‘Rasterization’ in three different shapes! And working on uploading custom shapes to be even more creative.

Getting started with TheMagicTouch Software

Our goal has always been when you get started with TheMagicTouch Software, that it should be as simple as possible, and print within a few clicks. Install & Download TheMagicTouch Software is the easiest. The ZIP-file is smaller than .8.5 MB and will start immediately. How many steps are needed to print a transfer:

1. One click to open the software
2. Import image
3. Possibly make some adjustments to perfect it, or to fulfill the customer’s needs
4. See how the design looks on the surface
5. Printing.
6. Optionally save a custom setting for a follow-up assignment.

The pre-programmed TheMagicTouch transfer media makes it efficient, simple, and really adds something to your business.

Note: TheMagicTouch Software is only available for Windows!

Frequently asked questions

I added some custom settings, what happens after the FREE trial?

After purchasing TheMagicTouch Software by TheMagicTouch your custom settings will be available again and ready to use.

What operation system do I need for TheMagicTouch Software?

Windows 7 or higher.

I have some questions during my FREE trial?

No problem, we are here to help. Go to our support page our colleagues are happy to help you.