The TheMagicTouch Software Basic, TheMagicTouch Software Pro or the free TheMagicTouch Software FREE Trial is a RIP (Raster Image Processor) software offers not only color management control(s) but also gives you the essential editing possibilities which a standard printer driver does not offer. TheMagicTouch Software make sure you can control, adjust, and improve your image in the most simple and effective way!

TheMagicTouch Software is a smart and super simple RIP with an obsessive focus on user-friendly experience.

New features of TheMagicTouch Software

These new features take effect on all versions.

1. Pattern print

Rasterizing your prints as you wish, even in special custom patterns.

2. Media Settings

Click the transfer media of your choice for all the correct printer settings.

3. Language setting

Switch between 9 different languages.

4. White Toner control

Never use more white toner than necessary and save money.

5. White Mode

You determine if white is printed first or last.

6. Color Preview

This feature gives you the impression how the design looks on the textile or product.

7. Background removal

Get rid of unwanted backgrounds in JPG files quickly.

8. Resizing

Set the correct size of your design in no time at all. Get rid of unwanted backgrounds in JPG files quickly.

9. Auto tiling

Optimum usage of your transfer media.

10. Custom Paper settings

Create your own paper size for more efficient transfer media usage.

11. Color Dialog

Easy adjustment of the color intensity of your design.

12. Save settings

Create your own standard settings for color adjustments for specific transfer jobs.

13. Print Blank Page

Simple and quick method to clean your printer.

More information

Let us know if you have any questions.

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