Introduction of the NEW MagiCut® Photochromic

MagiCut Photochromic is a unique type of HTV that changes color when exposed to sunlight or UV light. When MagiCut Photochromic Heat Transfer Vinyl is exposed to sunlight or UV light, the pigment reacts and changes color. The color change is reversible, which means that when the HTV is no longer exposed to UV light, it returns to its original color.

  • Changes color when exposed to sunlight or UV light
  • Effective for outdoor designs


Add some FUN to any apparel

If you want to offer one-of-a-kind products to resell or to your customers, this is the HTV for you. It gives the apparel a magic and unique edge. It’s fun, but it can make (parts) of the design stand out so you can be more creative than other HTV’s.

The advantages of MagiCut Photochromic:

  • UV sensitive
  • 4 assorted colours
  • Matte finish & soft hand
  • Very easy to weed
  • Fast heat application & hot peel
  • Perfect to decorate, T-shirts, hoodies, children’s and fashion apparel

This material provides a soft, coloured finish that gives attention to any apparel. Colors appear like magic with this eye-catching material!

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