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TheMagicTouch® full colour image transfer paper and heat presses, together with laser colour copiers and printers opens up new and exciting opportunities for full colour, high quality image transfer printing onto a limitless range of application products. TheMagicTouch not only provides transfer printing paper, which meet all the required safety standards, but also all the needs to run a successful business built on personalised or short run full colour printing onto any substrate imaginable!

Our in-house brand of sublimation paper, assuring high-quality printing results for Epson, Ricoh, and Sawgrass printers. Available in various sizes at attractive prices.

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TheMagicTouch DTF Film Basic can adapt to various humidity and temperature conditions to ensure a stable printing and transfer effect. Available : mid / end July 2024

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This luminous DTF Film is a photo luminescent effect film that enables light storage with a long afterglow. Available : mid / end July 2024.

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DTF film for daily use to personalize T-shirts, team clothes, Work clothes, advertising shirts, jerseys, bags and other fields. The image transferred has color retention and resistance to multiple washing. Available : mid / end July 2024

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This reflective film combines the brilliance of Direct-To-Film (DTF) technology with the added allure of reflective materials. This film features a single-sided coating with a uniform distribution of particles on the coated surface. Available : mid / end July 2024

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To make a design shine entirely in gold, we recommend using the latest DTF gold foil. Available : mid / end July 2024

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The software is an ideal printing tool that helps quickly print with the correct settings for all transfers and stickers. Including handy features and available in 9 different languages.

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TheMagicTouch Software Pro opens up a world of unprecedented possibilities for every designer. This printing tool enables users to efficiently create small productions with preset color profiles and reduced toner usage. Available in 9 languages.

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The heat-resistant adhesive tape preventing the transfer from shifting and ensuring it stays in place during pressing. The tape adheres excellently, does not melt, and leaves no residue.    

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T.Seal is a specialized sheet that improves the adhesion of prints to fabric fibers during the transfer press process, enhancing both the stretchability and durability of the printed design.

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Baking and release paper is a custom-made silicone paper. It provides protection between the press plate and the product and prevents the printing from sticking to the hot press plate.

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TheMagicTouch TTC 3.1 is a single step transfer used for white and light-colored textiles. The easiest way to personalize garments with excellent laundry results and compatible with toner-based color copiers and printers.

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TheMagicTouch CPM 6.2 is a single step transfer for printing onto hard surfaces. The most versatile way to decorate many different products and compatible with toner based color copiers and printers.

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The only transfer press in this price range that can give so much pressure to print anything you want. From transfer paper, sublimation, flex to all printable films. Thanks to the smart construction, the HTP123 Basic can handle any job and is extremely strong. With the optional platens the press offers even more convenience.

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The best way to make your mini T-Shirts more visible in your car, on your window or other surfaces where the suction cups are easy to attach.

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The clothesline + wooden squeezers is the best accessory for mini t-shirts to convey a message, for example. It is versatile to use for different events and offers space for 50 mini t-shirts.

Baby Blue
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These 100% cotton mini T-shirts can be used for all promotional purposes and are easy to print. Available in 7 colors.

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In the complete starter package you have everything you need to quickly and easily get started printing mugs with transfer paper. The mug press comes standard with a 10-11 Oz element and offers more optional elements in different sizes to print on small cups, shot glasses or bottles.

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With the complete hot stamp foil starter pack you can create amazing designs with transfer paper and hot stamp foil. A perfect combination for a metallic finish. Discover the benefits of hot stamp foil on all types of textiles, caps and bags. For White, Black and colored textiles. No limitation of font. Choice of red and rainbow hot stamp foil.

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TheMagicTouch FlipFlops has the typical Brazilian quality including a sturdy rubber sole and black plastic straps. The straps are loosely packed and are fastened after printing with the handy included plastic tool. Available in different sizes for adults and children. Package includes : 10 pairs of FlipFlops Plastic straptool

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TheMagicTouch FlipFlop coasters are the best summer gadget for the table, bar or swimmingpool. These sweet miniature FlipFlops have the same brazilian quality as the children's and adult sizes. The straps are loosely packed and easy to assemble with the plastic straptool supplied free of charge. The FlipFlop Coasters can be printed per 4 pieces at the same time. Package includes : 100 TheMagicTouch FlipFlop coasters Plastic straptool

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Teflon is a handy aid when using a transfer press and ensures that the press plate remains protected and the textile or product does not stick to anything. Teflon is widely used in printing on both sides of textiles and processing sublimation paper and products. Set includes 4 pcs, Size 460 x 500 mm

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TheMagicTouch T-pad is a white, soft rubber mat. It is used in the processing of the transfer paper TheMagicTouch WoW 7.8 and ensures to dose the heat when pressing the Tsheet and the Msheet together. The T-pad is also increasingly used when processing blank products with the transfer paper CPM6.2. depending on the thickness and composition of the material.

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TheMagicTouch A-Pad is a thick silicone pad and used for certain TheMagicTouch CPM 6.2 applications. The set includes a pair of gloves to protect your hands when the pad becomes hot after pressing.