WoW 7.8 Transfer Paper

WoW 7.8 is a smart choice for all who attach great importance to quality. The 2-sheet transfer system was especially developed for printers of the OKI White-Toner series. WoW transfer papers enable you to decorate full colour onto black/any colour garment, artificial fabrics, leather and more. The AutoCut (No Cut) low temperature process does not require any weeding or cutting.

  • AutoCut (No Cut) Transfer Paper
  • decorate full colour onto dark garment and fabrics
  • application temperature as low as 140° C / 285° F
  • applicable for cotton, blended fabrics, polyester and many other surfaces
  • Digital Showroom: Hands-on Video Tutorials
  • Please note our Washing Instructions

Required Euipment:CMY+White Printer, SpaceControl Print Utility (RIP) Software, Heat Press, T.Pad, Release Paper, T.Seal
Recommended Accessories:Paper Trimmer, Lint Brush, Water Spray Bottle, Heat Protection Gloves
Processing:2 steps, self-weeding
Temperature:140° C / 285° F
Pressing Time:45-60 seconds (Step 1), 5-10 seconds (Step 2), 20 seconds (Sealing)
Available Sizes:A4 – 50 Sets* per Box / 10 Sets* per Box (MicroBox)
A4XL – 50 Sets* per Box
A3 – 50 Sets* per Box

*1 Set = 1 M.Sheet plus 1 T.Sheet