What do you need?

In 4 Steps to the Final Product

These steps enable you to seamlessly personalise blank products and textiles. For optimum efficiency, TheMagicTouch has compiled its range from the following equipment and products. Our Research & Development Department examines daily the latest technologies, without losing sight of the fact that the system must be affordable, fast and easy to operate. The supplies for the transfer printing include:

1. A compatible colour printer

Most of the colour laser or LED printers are compatible for the use of transfer paper.

Is my colour laser or LED colour printer compatible for TheMagicTouch transfers? Click HERE to find it out.

Is your brand or type is not listed? Fill in the Compatibility Request Form. We will help you to compile the requirements for the transfer system. Do you not have a printer yet? Check all TMT enhanced models and look at the benefits of these printers.

2. TheMagicTouch Transfer Paper

Nine different transfer papers are available, each with its own application. The choice of transfer paper depends on the final product. The design is printed in mirror image on transfer paper and then transferred with a Heat Transfer Press.

You can select from the following transfer papers:

  • TTC Transfer Paper for white or light coloured fabrics
  • OBM Transfer Paper for coloured fabrics
  • WoW Transfer Paper for all coloured fabrics, no cutting and no weeding required
  • T.One Transfer Paper free form
  • CPM Transfer Paper for non-fabric materials
  • RST Transfer Paper for rough surface applications
  • DCT Transfer Paper for non-fabric products with smooth surfaces as a water release decal film
  • ORD Transfer Paper glass / acrylic
  • Tattoo Transfer Paper temporary tattoos

There are several accessories for transferring the transfer paper to the final product, such as different mats, Teflon, heat-resistant adhesive tape or a roller cutter. TheMagicTouch sells these accessories.

3. A professional Heat Press for best results

To transfer your image to the final product high-pressure is necessary. TheMagicTouch has different heat presses in its range of INSTA brand. These heat presses have proved their quality over the past 25 years and are still the most sold worldwide. There is a heat press for every budget, depending on how often you use the heat press.

4. Blank Products

Finally, of course, you need a selection of suitable blank products. The transfer has almost no limitations. TTC transfer paper, OBM and WoW are used for printing on white or coloured textiles. The composition of the fabric, such as cotton, polyester or a mixture of both substances, linen and canvas is irrelevant. The blank products you can print on with TheMagicTouch Transfer Paper System are:

Magnet Foil
Leather / PU Leather
Cardboard & Paper
Model Making