TTC 3.1 Transfer Paper

You want to transfer a photo or image with straight outer edges onto a light-coloured T-Shirt quickly and professionally? Then TTC 3.1 is the ideal low cost solution for you. TTC 3.1 is Everybody’s Darling and has enjoyed the trust of our customers for over 30 years.

  • ideal for white and pastel coloured textiles/fabrics
  • universally suitable for cotton, blended fabrics, polyester and
    many other surfaces
  • can be used for colored textiles when printed with white toner
    unprinted areas should be trimmed off
  • TTC 3.1+ has 25% more coating weight for improved performance on textile/fabrics like canvas, polo pique and more
  • Digital Showroom: Hands-on Video Tutorials
  • Please note our Washing Instructions

Required Euipment:CMYK or CMY+W Laser/LED Printer, Heat Press, Release Paper
Recommended Accessories:Paper Trimmer, Lint Brush, Water Spray Bottle, Heat Protection Gloves
Processing:1-sheet system, easy to process
Temperature:180° C / 360° F
Pressing Time:10-15 seconds, strip liner hot
Available Sizes:A4 – 100 Sheets per Box
A4R – 100 Sheets per Box / 25 Sheets per Box (MicroBox)
A4XL – 100 Sheets per Box
A3 – 100 Sheets per Box