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TheMagicTouch transfers helps you to create printed products.
What do you need? A suitable color laser / LED printer / copier for printing transfers and a press machine to transfer prints to a product . The process is quick , simple , environmentally friendly, safe and easy.
Ask us for advice, what kind of transfer, which number, the right size ( A3, A4, A4R or A4XL), or whether your color printer / copier is suitable for transfers and if so, what is the correct setting.

TheMagicTouch TTC 3.1textile light transfer paper

TTC for white garment

TheMagicTouch T.One transfer paper for white or light coloured fabric

T.One for white and light coloured Garment

TheMagicTouch OBM 5.4 for dark coloured textile A3 and A4 format

OBM for coloured Garment

TheMagicTouch WoW 7.8

WoW for any colour Garment

TheMagicTouch CMP 6.2 Toner Transfer Paper Printing System, CPM -- For Transfer onto non-fabric smooth surface A3 and A4 format

CPM for non-fabric Items

TheMagicTouch RST 9.1for non-fabric products and substrates with rough surface A3 and A4 format

RST for non-fabric Items with rough surface

TheMagicTouch DCT 4.5C waterslide decal paper A3 and A4 format

DCT Waterslide Decal

TheMagicTouch ORD 8.1, opaque reverse transfer

ORD Reverse Decoration

TheMagicTouch Tattoo 2.1 transfer paper

Temporary Tattoo