TheMagicTouch full color image transfer papers in combination with an OKI White Toner printer is the fastest and easiest way to personalize textiles and blank products. The addition of white toner opens up new and exciting opportunities for full colour, high quality image transfer printing onto a limitless range of application products. TheMagicTouch not only provides transfer printing paper, which meet all the required safety standards, but also all the needs to run a successful business built on personalised or short run full colour printing onto virtually any substrate imaginable!

From one, in full colour, and not restricted to any surface!

Whether it’s textiles, accessories or promotional goods, discover a new level of personalisation and flexibility for your transfer printing business. So, the questions we also get, is: Why white toner?

1. Witness market leading white toner technology

Use white toner as a backing layer behind other colours to make any design stand out on even black or transparent surfaces.

2. Save time and money with the most compact A3 transfer printer

Print large high-quality designs for XL t-shirts and larger surfaces or reduce media costs printing multiple small logos in one go onto A3 transfer paper.

From one, in full colour, and not restricted to any surface!

TheMagicTouch offers two different transfer papers for printing free-standing designs on dark textiles with the OKI White Toner printer. The best known is the transfer paper WoW, the thinnest two-step transfer paper for White toner printers and easy to use with the advantage of a low transfer temperature.

Soft surfaces

  • Cotton
  • Canvas
  • Nylon
  • Leather
  • Polyester
  • Denim
  • Felt
  • Skin (Temp. Tattoos)

Hard surfaces

  • Acrylic
  • Glass
  • Enamel
  • Ceramic
  • Metal
  • Wood

and many, many more ..

10 reasons to choose for the OKI Pro8432WT

1. Easy market entry

The OKI Pro8432WT provides a cost-effective way to enter the lucrative transfer print market. Start fresh or expand your revenue streams through personalisation, merchandise, and more.

2. No minimum quantities

Last minute requests and low-volumes jobs are a nightmare for most transfer technologies, but with digital transfer printing even 1 unit on-demand is profitable.

3. As flexible as it gets

Transfer to a variety of hard and soft surfaces in any colour. The OKI Pro8432WT is certified compatible with industry leading transfer media manufacturers.

4. Pure black or brilliant white

OKI’s switchable toner technology enables pure black or white printing with complete flexibility of transfer surface colour.

5. High-quality in record time

Going digital means you can produce complex multi-colour designs and transfer them in minutes.

6. Compact

Save limited space with the most compact A3 transfer printer in the world.

7. It will fit right in

Already have transfer printing solutions in place? Upgrade to A3 from A4 to reduce long-term costs and flexibility. Or complement screen printing equipment with a specialist short-run / multi-colour design alternative.

8. Low maintenance

Love transfer printing but hate the mess? Unlike other technologies, LED digital transfer printing doesn’t require daily cleaning or even daily use to run smoothly. It’s compact, clean and easy to maintain!

9. Easy to use

There’s no need to worry about specialist training, hit the ground running with the OKI Pro8432WT.

10. Buy with confidence

If you weren’t convinced yet, we’re confident enough to give you a 3 year warranty as a standard.

TheMagicTouch WoW 7.8

  • Ultra Thin
  • Easy peeling
  • Original colors
  • Soft feeling
  • Low temperature
  • (No) Rasterize

TheMagicTouch Software

The TheMagicTouch Software offers more choice than OKI’s settings. The use of transfer paper or stickers often requires just a little more white for optimal coverage. TheMagicTouch Software takes care of controlling the color white and has even more advantages. All transferpapers are preset, a preview shows the end result and enlargement, reduction, image repetition can all be arranged from TheMagicTouch Software without going back to the original design. Watch the video for yourself and discover even more benefits.

TheMagicTouch HTP123 Heatpresses

With the most versatile printing system out there, a heatpress is mostly forgetting. Check out the most popular heatpress in our portfolio.

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