Configuration Page

A configuration page is a document that provides information about the settings and configuration of the printer. The configuration page typically includes information about the device’s IP address, network settings, firmware version, and other key details. The purpose of a configuration page is to allow the user or a technician to easily access and review the device’s settings, which can be useful for troubleshooting and ensuring that the device is properly configured. Configuration pages can typically be printed directly from the device or accessed through the device’s web interface.

In the configuration page you’ll find the serial number you need for the RIP SpaceControl software.

OKI and Crio

  1. Press Menu
  2. Select Print Information
  3. Press enter > Select Configuration > Press enter

You will find the serial number on the top part in the first line.


  1. Press menu
  2. Scroll down to Print list/report > Press OK
  3. Select Configuration page > Press OK and press OK again

You will find your Machine ID (Serial number) in the second line on the first page.

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