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The new T.One transfer is a single-step transfer media for use with the OKI white toner printers. It really is the “game changer” in image transfer. It provides the ultimate solution for cost effective image transfer onto garments and most importantly involves no cutting and weeding.

With the T.One transfer media, the user can print full colour (including white) designs to any pastel, white or non-dark garment/textile regardless of colour or composition. This includes cotton, polyester, denim, soft-shell, polypongee and most performance fabrics.
The T.One process is quick and easy, a garment can be created in under a minute, much faster than other makes of transfer media and with heat press application as low as 140°c you avoid any heat press marks on the garments.
The printed transfer is then sealed using T.Seal for greater wash durability and a great feel.

To compliment the T.One paper TheMagicTouch offer T.Foil, this is a metallic foil which is applied directly to the printed T.One transfer. Fantastically detailed metallic effects to be produced easily again without the need for any cutting or weeding. The process not only is inexpensive, but also reduced time and labour and therefore will allow an increase in productivity.

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