Which printer or copier is compatible for transfer paper?

Every day, every month, and every year there are coming new printers and there are also printer which will not be used anymore. You probably guessed that we can’t test all these printers but we love to search if your printer is compatible with our transfer meda.

What do you need TheMagicTouch transfer paper

For TheMagicTouch transferpaper you always need a

The printers that TheMagicTouch currently is selling is the Ricoh Laser printer and the OKI led printers that have been tested on various criteria.

The criteria of the printers we sell

  1. The paper path of the transfer paper
  2. The scratch resistance of the toner
  3. The washing result and the warranty on the printer

These printers are all equipped with our own exclusive TheMagicTouch Software, where all settings for each type of transfer paper are set and you don’t have to think about anything anymore.

If you already have a color printer with a printer or copier, just go to the article: Is my printer compatible for transferpaper?


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