Which materials aren't compatible with transferpaper?

There are few substrates that cannot be transferred on with TheMagicTouch transfers. You can say the product has to be flat, smooth and be agettingble to withstand the temperature and pressure of the pressing process. Thanks to some very clever solutions from TheMagicTouch, in the form of special Application tools, you can print on many products where you might think they cannot be put under a heat press like Perspex, glass anddct magnetic foil to name but a few. And on top of that we have a range of decal transfers (TheMagicTouch DCT transfer papers) that enable printing on candles, glass, models and more.

What remains are products that are too flexible, not flat enough or have a very course and raw surface like untreated wood or PVC plastics. Because of the high standing fibers Fleece is one of the very few fabrics that is difficult to print with transfer paper.

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