What are the arrows for on the backside of TheMagicTouch transferpapers?

For these transfer papers it is important that they are always fed in the direction of the arrows. Not doing so will increase the risk of a paper jam in the printer. The reason why some TheMagicTouch transfer papers have the arrows and some not, has to do with the grain direction of the paper. For the transfer papers that do have these arrows, we have two kinds of A4 available. So which one do you need?
If you have an A4 printer choose the A4R version. If you have an A3 printer and you want to use A4 paper, order A4. (Without the R) This way you’ll receive the version with the arrows in the correct direction for your printer.

What are the benefits of using TheMagicTouch transfer paper for decorating products?

There are many pros, therefore TheMagicTouch transfer paper technology is so popular. We name a few benefits:

You have a complete white toner transfer printing systems capable of printing on all color garments and much more for a fraction of the costs of alternative printing systems like DTG that are not as versatile.

With one printing system (Printer and heat press) you can print on many substrates and products. No other printing system offers this kind of versatility.

personalized products, the margins on these products are extremely interesting. This insures a very high return on investment.

It is very easy to learn if you use the right equipment and there is no need for special pre-cautions like air filtration or liquid proof flooring.

When compared to sublimation, there are more different types of TheMagicTouch transfer papers. Why is that?

Because it is much more versatile! With sublimation you can basically print on one substrate: Polyester. That’s why you can always use the same sublimation paper. With toner transfer paper you can print on many other substrates and products that don’t require to have a special polyester layer. Thanks to the different kinds of TheMagicTouch transfer paper there are many applications, products and substrates that can be personalized.

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