Is there specialty media for transfer paper?

Absolutely. We have two very useful special media that can be used to enhance a printed product. First there is Gloss Finish which, as the name implies, gives a gloss finish to a toner image printed on a product. It is mostly used for prints transferred on cardboard or mugs with TheMagicTouch CPM 6.2. Furthermore, there is TheMagicTouch Coverseal. This is a very useful lamination foil that can be applied with your heat press. So you can enhance your printed product like signage or stickers with a lamination that will protect the toner image from UV and scratches. Excellent for outdoor use.

How to protect Signs/Substrates for outdoor use against UV fading with TheMagicTouch Coverseal

How to create a glossy finish on toner images on hard surfaces with TheMagicTouch GlossFinish

How to decorate a paper bag with TheMagicTouch CL*Media SPF Label Stock


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