Why does a printer with white toner (CMYW) require a higher investment than one without (CMYK)?

The white toner requires special modifications to the electronics and software that are costly to do. However, because it gives you far more possibilities, especially when it comes to transferring the image onto products with TheMagicTouch transfer paper, there are far more ways to make an exceptionally good return of investment on this type of printer.

An image made with any CMYK printer, is transparent. Normally that’s not a problem because most prints are made on white plain paper. So, the whiteness of the paper ensures we see the colors of the print including the white areas in the design where we actually just see the white of the paper.

Now, if we want to transfer that image onto a surface that is not white, for instance a black mug, there would be no more white behind the image and it is hardly visible when transferred.

This is where the white toner comes in. With white toner added to the mix we can ensure there is enough white on the right spots to see all the colors and the white areas of the design, regardless off the color of the surface of the product. This enables unique applications that making a return of the investment fast and easy.

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