What is a configuration page and how do I print it?

A configuration page, also sometimes referred to as a Menu Map, can be printed from a color laser or color LED printer. It provides you with all the information about the printer you might need. Levels of all consumables (e.g. how much toner is left) but also on all the settings.

It will show you the serial number you will need for the TheMagicTouch Software. You will find the serial number with OKI on the top part in the first line, or with Ricoh it’s called Machine ID in the second line on the first page. 

On most printers you can print the configuration page as follows:

  1. Press MENU
  3. Press ENTER
  5. Press ENTER
  6. Select EXECUTE
  7. Press ENTER

The Configuration page consists of one up to three pages depending on the type of printer.

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