Can I use cheaper third-party toners instead of original toner cartridges?

We would very strongly advise against that.

“Off course you do advise against it, you sell originals!” you might say, but we have the facts and experience to back this up. Let us explain:

One way to produce toner cheaper is to process less anti-cacking material in the toner. This saves costs for the manufacturer, but it makes the toner also a lot more prone to clog together. Sooner or later this will cause serious imaging problems like bad striping. To solve this problem you then have to replace not just the toner but also the drum unit.

This obviously costs a lot more than the original saving. On top of that, we often find that third-party brands of toner are giving problems with the transfer of the image. So even if you are happy with the image quality, you might run into troubles trying to transfer the toner image onto a product.

To recover your printer from using aftermarket third-party toners, you not only have to replace the toners itself, but also the drum units. This makes using cheaper third-party toners a typical example of “penny wise, pound foolish”.

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