Are there special requirements for the power supply if I start using a Heat press?

Although all heat presses work off a normal main 230/110 volt socket, there are some things to pay attention to.

1. Because of the relatively high-power intake it is a good idea to reserve a circuit for your heat press(es) to make sure the circuit brakers switch off the current because of excessive loads.

2. Make sure to always use a socket with earthing. This ensures more safety in case of an unwanted short cut in the heat press.

3. Do preferably not use an extension cable. Extension cables or their connectors may not be suited to the high currents of a heat press and may overheat. If you really need to extend the power source to be able to reach your heat press make sure you use a cable and sockets that are certified for currents with higher Watts. A good extension cord should state the maximum load in watts, and also on the heat press the maximum Watts should be stated. Make sure the maximum load in Watts of the extension cord is always lower than the combined load in Watts of the equipment you plug into it.

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