WoW 7.8 Textile Transfer

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For any colour Fabrics or fabric coated Products like T-Shirts, SweatShirts, Jackets etc.2 Sheets System, no cutting and no weeding required.
Compatible with all currently available Toner Systems including ‘oil-less Toner Systems.

Quantity per box: 50 sets

Necessary Accessories/Tools: T.Pad, T.Seal, Release Paper

Price per box

Available sizes: A4, A4XL and A3 format

Characteristics: Backside of the transfer has a yellow print

Washing Instructions

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The WoW textile transfer is a set of:

  • M-SheetTheMagicTouch WoW
  • T-Sheet
  • Release paper

Most used applications:
Coloured Textile eg. T-Shirts, sweaters, polo shirts, coats
All kind of applications that need a quality print

Equipment and tools needed:
T.Pad, T.Seal, Release Paper
Oki C7411WT Colour Printer with White Toner
Read the  processing instructions

Other possibilities:
Colour Laser/Led printer or copier (CMYK), as long no white or light colours are used (coverage 60%)

Additional information

Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 43 × 30.5 × 2 cm

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How to decorate a black/coloured T-Shirt with TheMagicTouch WoW 7.8 Transfer Paper


For complex designs in full colour

Transfer Paper Feeding Guide

For WoW no A4R paper is necessary.

  • A3 and A4 for A3 printers and copiers
  • A4 and A4XL (WoW7.8 only)  for A4 printers and copiers

Processing Instructions