T.One Micro Box

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Small size boxes with 10 sheets A4 helping new customers to get all the different papers right at the start.

Transfer paper to decorate white or light coloured garment with no coating film outside the image area in a matter of seconds!

Micro Box: 10 sheets

Necessary Accessories/Tools: T.Seal, Release Paper

Price per box

Available size: A4  format

Washing Instructions

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The new T.One™ transfer is a ‘One-Step’ coated paper for use with the TMT/OKI white-toner printers. The paper is the ultimate solution for cost-effective garment transfer that involves no cutting, weeding and more importantly leaves no residue on the finished garment or textile.

Equipment and tools needed:
T.Seal, Release Paper
Read the processing instructions

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30.2 × 21.4 × 1 cm


How to decorate garment with TheMagicTouch T.One Image Transfer