ORD 8.1 Transfer

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ORD 8.1 is the latest of TheMagicTouch Paper Products and created to decorate Acrylic, Glass and Crystal transferring the Image and a white background in one simple step.

Quantity per box: 50 sheets plus Application Sponge

Necessary Accessories/Tools: Application Sponge

Price per box

Available sizes: A3, A4 and A4R format

Characteristics: Backside of the transfer has no print

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ORD 8.1

ORD 8.1 (Opaque Reverse Decoration) transfer paper gives the user the opportunity to TheMagicTouch ORD Applicationeasily and quickly decorate a comprehensive range of glass and acrylic products in full colour.

Using a traditional heat press printed transfer paper images are applied and fixed to the base of the product taking less than 1 minute. The image is then trimmed and has an optionally finished effect using a flock based self-adhesive covering.

Decorated glass and acrylic has massive potential within the awards, sign, recognition, and photo gift markets, especially when featuring full-colour images that are both accurate and UV stable.

Equipment and tools needed:
Application Sponge
Read the processing instructions

A black self-adhesive flock backing option is available in sheets 294 mm x 418mm

Additional information

Weight 1.4 kg
Dimensions 43 × 30.5 × 2 cm

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How to decorate Crystal and Acrylic with TheMagicTouch ORD 8.1 Transfer Paper


ORD transfer to decorate Acrylic, Glass and Crystal

Transfer Paper Feeding Guide

For ORD no A4R paper is necessary.

  • A3 and A4 for A3 printers or copiers
  • A4 for A4 printers or copiers

Processing Instructions