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TheMagicTouch Micro Box DCT4.5
TheMagicTouch Micro Box DCT4.5

DCT 4.5 Micro Box Waterslide Decal Transfer

Sku: 140528.

Quick Overview

Small size boxes with 10 sheets A4 helping new customers to get all the different papers right at the start.

DCT WaterSlide Decal Transfer Paper
Special coated water-release slide-off decal transfer paper for non-fabric, smooth surfaces such as glass, ceramics, metals, wax candles, soap, which cannot fit into a heat transfer press or cannot withstand heat.

Micro Box: 5 sheets DCT4.5W and 5 sheets DCT4.5 C

Price per box

Available sizes: A4 format

Additional Information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 30.2 × 21.4 × 1 cm