ORD 8.1 Transfer Paper

ORD 8.1 (Opaque Reverse Decoration) transfer paper gives the user the opportunity to easily and quickly decorate a comprehensive range of glass and acrylic products in full colour. This special transfer paper is the right choice if you want to create impressive awards, signs or photo gifts.

  • decorate a wide range of glass and acrylic products
  • decorated glass and acrylic has massive potential within the
    awards, sign, recognition, and photo gift market
  • additional finishing with a flock based self-adhesive covering
  • Digital Showroom: Hands-on Video Tutorials

Required Euipment:CMYK or CMY+W Laser/LED Printer, Heat Press, Application Sponge, Spray Bootle
Recommended Accessories:Paper Trimmer, Lint Brush, Heat Protection Gloves, Heat Resistant Tape
Processing:Single step process
Temperature:140° C / 285° F
Pressing Time:40-60 seconds
Available Sizes:A4 – 50 Sheets per Box
A4R – 50 Sheets per Box
A3 – 50 Sheets per Box