We are trying our very very best to give you a fair, independent assessment which Level of Compatibility you can expect from the individual Colour Laser Device. If you cannot find the Device you are looking for in this Guide it might not have been available for testing yet or determined to be non-compatible at all for a good reason. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information and please keep in mind: There is no good or bad, there are just different Levels of Compatibility.

Proprietary Technologies of the different Hardware Brands in regards to Toner Manufacturing and Composition have introduced a new type of yellow pigments. Unfortunately, these yellow pigments do not hold up to warm wash as seen with traditional Polyester Toners and tend to bleed and contaminate other white areas leaving a yellow tint to it. Even so TheMagicTouch TTC and OBM Transfer Media holds up to at least Garment Industry Standard regular wash we suggest to use cold wash and/or possibly delicate cycle to avoid the bleeding and contamination.