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sportteamSports have a need for printing small quantities frequently, partly for that reason TheMagicTouch system is purchased by sports shops, clubs or sports associations. Athletes need their clothing personalised so this is the perfect system when it comes to putting a name or number on a shirt.

Team Apparel
Not only football shirts and shoes are marked with numbers, logos and names, also tennis rackets, hockey sticks, golf balls, drinking bottles and more. Any given sports outfit regardless of material and colour can be provided with a print for all indoor and outdoor sports.

Sponsors would like to see their logo or name first on the outfit. TheMagicTouch system starts with the minimum order just of one piece. After approval of the sponsor, you can start printing for the whole team.

Medals or pennants in the colours of the club, along with a souvenir T-shirt of the tournament for all participants. The possibilities are endless.