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A college hoodie or jacket with the name of your school is a valuable asset. It is easy to print with the school name or emblem. Often school clothing is used for sports days, school trips or school camps.
Below are some ideas for printing products with own names, drawing, photo or design.

Primary schools and kindergartens

  • Lunchboxes and plastic drinking bottles / cups
  • Gym bags
  • Father and mother’s day gifts
  • Medals and prizes
  • Safety jackets for traffic

Secondary schools and universities

  • School clothing
  • Sports days
  • Musical
  • Projects
  • Open days
  • Teaching materials

At each school, there are options for printing and copying. With the same equipment, you can print on transfer paper. This allows you to print on textiles and fabrics, calendars, portfolios, ceramics and aluminium and wood. The minimum order is One! The only investment is a heat press and transfers.

Something different
During the introduction, supervisors often wear T-shirts with the name or logo of the school so they can be recognized. When a heat press is available it is possible to create products in a moment. Art and fashion academies have been using this for years. The creativity of the school is emphasized in this way.

Teaching materials
Inspiration is being triggered by a wide range of possibilities. Once students are working with photo editing and graphics software packages TheMagicTouch is a great addition. What is on the screen, can be printed on a product!