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Music & Events

eventsA guitar strap or guitar picks with your name, a leather jacket with the name of your favourite rock band? All possible with TheMagicTouch!

The music business offers a huge potential for printing. For events and music festivals tattoo transfer sheets are popular. Print a design using a colour laser on the tattoo paper, add the glue and stick the temporary tattoo as a ticket on the body. In addition to the ticket, each person is a walking advert for the event or artist. The tattoo will hold up for about 3 days, depending on the skin type.

There are so many items that can be printed for promotional purposes, in large quantities at rock bottom prices. But as an artist, you want something special, your individuality must stand out and your own style recognized. Discover the world of TheMagicTouch or inquire about your options.

To find products to promote your band? TheMagicTouch offers great possibilities!