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horeca_kitchenRecognition is very important in the hospitality industry, guests require high service. You want as many guests as possible per day in order to increase sales. Recognition on the clothes of your team members will help enhance your brand image and will give a professional neat appearance. Do you want to present a daily menu or specialty differently than on a blackboard? Be inspired by the possibilities …

Chef Wear
Kitchenware is quick and easy to print in small runs with TheMagicTouch printing system. T-shirts, shirts, aprons and don’t forget the Chef, many products are available to be personalized.

Not just clothes, how about cups, coasters, menu cards or umbrellas, all in the same appearance as the work wear, to create a distinct atmosphere and unity in the coffee shop, bar, restaurant, canteen or beach club. Do you have a special logo or creative ideas? Guests often find it great to have a souvenir to take home. Fantastic gift items or printed fabric is easy to sell in a corner at the checkout. TheMagicTouch offers a minimum quantity of only One!

  • Workshops
    Do you sometimes offer workshops? Does your company organize special events such as weddings and corporate events? A special thank you gift to your customer could be a printed wine box to take home with your logo or best wine. You can also create a special party package, guests can choose for example, a special photo and have it on a coaster or coffee cup. TheMagicTouch system allows customization with a small investment. Do you have a catering business or would you like to deliver to the hospitality industry? TheMagicTouch offers the possibility to create your own catering package from e.g.
  • Beer coasters
  • Cup & Saucers
  • Aprons
  • T-shirts, polo shirts or shirts
  • Menus
  • Table runners or napkins