How to decorate a Wooden Board with TheMagicTouch RST 9.1 and a CMY+White Printer

Here is what you need

• TheMagicTouch RST9.1 transfer paper.
• A CMY+White or a CMYK Color Laser/LED printer.
• A professional heat press.
• An application sponge.
• a Spray bottle.

Most likely Printer settings

The printer settings may vary depending on the printer brand. The following settings serve as a guideline:

• Paper source: MPT/Bypass.
• Paper type/weight: Medium/Heavy.

Your best option today
An OKI Colour printer and SpaceControl print utility software by TheMagicTouch.

• User-friendly intuitive interface.
• Pre-sets for all transfer papers.
• Free trial version available.

Prepare printing

• Load RST9.1 into the selected tray.
• Print your artwork.
Note: For white text or image parts on your transfer you would need a CMY+white printer!

Set up the Heat Press

• Temperature: 160° C / 320° F.
• Pressing Time: 120 seconds.
• Pressure: Medium/high.

Preparing the application Process

• Clean the surface of the product.
• Trim the transfer as required.
• Place a sheet of plain paper on the lower press platen.
• Position the product on it.

Pressing process

• Position transfer on the product (Printed side face down)
• Cover the transfer paper with an application sponge.
• Gingerly spray mist of water on top of the application sponge.
• Start pressing


• Open the heat press
• Take product off and remove the application sponge.
• Spray the RST paper with water until it comes loose from the toner image.
• Remove RST paper.

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