How to decorate a white PU coated Leather Guitar Strap with TheMagicTouch WoW 7.8 AutoCut (No Cut)

Here is what you need

• TheMagicTouch WoW7.8 transfer paper.
• A CMY+White printer.
• SpaceControl Print utility (RIP) software.
• A professional heat press.
• A sheet of T.Seal
• A T.pad.
• Release paper.

Step 1: Prepare printing

• Launch SpaceControl and select WoW7.8 MSheet.
• Select the paper size.
• Open your artwork file
• Select “Automatic tile” if applicable.
• Load Wow7.8 MSheet into the multipurpose tray. MSheet=magenta coloured backprint.
• Click on “Print”.

Set up the Heat Press

• Temperature: 140-145° C / 285-295° F.
• Pressing time A4: 45-60 seconds.
• Pressing time A4XL/A3: 60-75 seconds.
• Pressure: high.

Warming up T.Pad

• Use T.Pad with smooth side up.
• If you start from cold warm up for about 45 seconds.

Preparing the application process

• Take the printed MSheet.
• Place TSheet face down centered on the MSheet (The yellow backprint of the TSheet lies on top)
• Make sure the TSheet edges do not touch the edges of the MSheet.

Pressing process

• Turn upside-down before placing o the T.Pad.
• Cover with release paper and start pressing.
• The next steps are crucual

Stripping apart the papers

• Open the heatpress and strip apart immediately.
• In one steady motion in a very shallow angle.
• Do not remove the release paper before you strip.

Step 2: Presssing process

• Place and align the transfer printed side face down.
• Cover with release paper and press for 5-10 seconds.


• Open the heat press and remove the product.
• Let cool down completely.
• Strip off the TSheet absolutely cold.

Post press

• Postpress with release paper for 5-10 seconds.

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