How to decorate a Paper Bag with TheMagicTouch CPM 6.2 and Hot Stamp Foil

This video, how to decorate a paper gift bag with TheMagicTouch CPM 6.2, shows you how to create printed paper bag with a brilliant metallic design.

Here is what you need

• TheMagicTouch CPM6.2 transfer paper.
• A CMYK colour laser/LED printer.
• A professional heat press.
• A paper bag and a support card.
• T.Foil from TheMagicTouch.

Printing process

• Launch SpaceControl.
• Select CPM6.2.
• Select the paper size.
• Select the paper tray.
• Open your Artwork file (composite black).
• Use “Automatic Tile” if necessary.
• Load CPM6.2 into the selected tray and print.

Prepare pressing

• Print your artwork (composite black)
• Trim the transfer

Set up the Heat Press

• Temperature: 150° C / 300° F.
• Pressure: high.

Pressing Process

• Place the support card inside the bag.
• Align the transfer, printed side face down.
• Press for 3-4 seconds.

Applying Hot Stamp Foil

• Open the heat press and remove the transfer paper.
• Place T.Foil on image.
• Cover with release paper and press for 15 seconds.


• Open the heat press.
• Allow to cool down.
• Strip off T.Foil.

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