How to decorate a Glass Bottle with TheMagicTouch DCT 4.5W and a CMY+White Printer

In this video we show how to decorate a Glass Bottle with TheMagicTouch DCT 4.5W and a CMY+White Printer.

Here is what you need

• TheMagicTouch DCT4.5W transferpaper.
• A CMYK or CMY+White Colour Laser/LED printer.
• A rubber squeegee.

Most likely Printer settings

The printer settings may vary depending on the printer brand. The following settings serve as a guideline:
• Paper source: Multipurpose tray/tray 1
• Paper type/weight: Labels/Heavy.

Your best option today

An OKI Colour printer and SpaceControl print utility software by TheMagicTouch
• User-friendly intuitive interface.
• Pre-sets for all transfer papers.
• Free trial version available.

Prepare printing

• Load DCT4.5W into the selected tray.
• Print your artwork.

Preparing the application Process

• Trim the transfer to final shape/format.
• Place transfer in cold water for about 15 to 20 seconds.
• Clean the surface of the product.

Application process

• Take the transfer film out of the water as soon as it releases from backing paper.
• Slide it directly onto the product.


• Use Rubber Squeegee to squeeze out water completely.
• Let the transfer dry for 24 hours.


Products which hold up to heat can be tempered in the oven for glossy finish and higher durability.
• Temperature: 160-180° C / 320-360° F.
• Time: 10 minutes.

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