How to create and apply Temporary Tattoos with TheMagicTouch Tattoo 2.1

Here is what you need

• TheMagicTouch Tattoo2.1 transfer paper.
• A CMYK or CMY+White Color Laser/LED printer.

Most likely Printer settings

The printer settings may vary depending on the printer brand. The following settings serve as a guideline:
• Paper source: MPT/Bypass
• Paper type/weight: Labels/Heavy.

Your best printer option today

An OKI Colour printer and SpaceControl print utility software by TheMagicTouch.
• User friendly intuitive interface
• Pre-sets for all transfer papers
• Free trial version available

Prepare printing

• Load decal paper (black backprint) into the selected tray.
• Print your artwork mirrored.

How to apply the glue sheet to the decal paper

• Place printed decal paper face up on table top or the like.
• Remove liner from the gluesheet and place face down on the decal paper.
• Rub with cloth or squeegee for proper bondage.
• Or run through cold laminator.

How to apply to skin

• Trim to final size/shape.
• Remove clear film while avoiding to touch the adhesive.
• Place the adhesive side down in the desired position on skin.
• Note: Skin must be dry and clean.
• Use wet towel and firmly push tattoo decal against the skin.
• After 10-15 seconds the paper liner releases from the tattoo decal.
• Remove the paper liner.
• Carefully wipe all excess release gel residue off the decal.

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