How create a Glossy Finish on Toner Images on hard surfaces with TheMagicTouch GlossFinish paper

Set up the Mugpress

• Temperature: 150° C / 300° F.
• Pressing time: 40 seconds.
• Pressure: Medium to high.
Note: Please consult your Mug press manual as values might differ on other devices!

Preparing pressing

• Print your artwork.
• Trim the transfer as required.
• Clean the surface of the product.
• Place the transfer in desired position
• Use heat resistant tape to fix it.

Pressing process

• Wrap the M-pad around the mug.
• Put it in the mugpress.
• Close the press and start pressing.

Next steps

• Open the press and take out the mug
• Let cool down completely.
• Remove the transfer paper absolutely cold.

Applying GlossFinish

Place GlossFinish paper over the image
Wrap the M.Pad around the mug.
Press for 3 seconds.


Open the press and take out the mug
Let down cool down completely
Remove the GlossFinish paper absolutely cold

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