How to sticker a Pager Bag with TheMagicTouch CL*Media SPF Label Stock

Here is what you need

TheMagicTouch CL*Media SPF Label stock
A CMYK Color Laser/LED printer
A Cutting plotter


Load the CL*Media SPF Label Stock in the multipurpose tray of your color laser/LED printer. Make sure the correct side is up. Print from the cutting software so the plotter can cut out the design with the Print & Cut procedure.

Application Process

Load the printed artwork in your cutting plotter and cut the design.
Detach the labels and apply them onto the bag.
Rub the sticker with a soft cloth for better adhesion.


These stickers made with TheMagicTouch CL*Media SPF label stock can be used on many surfaces, as long they are smooth and clean.

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