SpaceControl Print Utility Software Installation

This video SpaceControl Print Utility Software Standard Features shows how easy it is to install SpaceControl.

Before installing SpaceControl make sure the printer is connected via a USB cable, OKI Postscript Driver (PS) is installed a powered on.

Let’s get started

• You will receive a Zip file with everything you need for the installation of SpaceControl.
• Extract this file first.
• Do not open or rename the license Key (*.license) under any circumstances!
• Once extracted, select the setup file and double click it.
• Follow the dialog on screen.

Checking your license key

• Launch SpaceControl.
• Click “Help”.
• Select “About” in the drop-down menu.

Using SpaceControl

• Always press the “Driver Off” button first before using SpaceControl.
• If you want to print from another software application with the standard driver press “Driver on” button.
• Click on “Utility” and select “Printer Mode”.
• Click on “Driver On” for printing from other applications or “driver off” for printing from SpaceControl.


You can enlarge the window by grabbing the bottom right corner and pull.



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