SpaceControl Print Utility Software Advanced Features 2

This video SpaceControl Print Utility Software Advanced Features (2) shows how SpaceControl has all the vital features for a perfect transfer print while keeping things simple at the same time.

Background removal

• Open your artwork file.
• In case of a JPEG/JPG you might get an undesired Background.
• Click the check box “Background Removal”.

Automatic Tile

This feature allows you to fill a whole page with smaller pocket size logos at the click of a button.

• Open your artwork.
• Select “Automatic Tile”.
• Reducing the size of the image will increase the number of tiles.
• You can also precisely define the size of your images.
• You can choose between minimum and equal gaps to save time on trimming the tiles.

Color preview

How will your artwork look on different colored garment/products? Simply use the preview background color selection.
• Choose your garment/product color from the color bar.
• See how your artwork would look on the garment/product.

Wow guard area

• The hands in the “Wow Guard Area” will not print.
• They just remind you to leave at least one corner area blank for processing after printing.
• You can activate Right-handed or left-handed mode.

Custom Paper size

• Define custom paper sizes and save them as templates.
• This is helpful for alignment on products with special dimensions.
• Select the tools menu and choose “Custom Paper Size.”
• Fill in the required dimensions, type a name and save it.
• Saved templates are available to be selected in the paper size menu.
• Select the custom paper size and load your artwork file.
• Trim your transfer paper to the selected dimensions and load it in your printer tray.
• Enter the “print” key.



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