SpaceControl Print Utility Software Advanced Features 1

This video SpaceControl Print Utility Software Standard Features 1 shows how SpaceControl makes your life so much easier when printing on transfer material.

Key Advantage

• You basically don’t have to do more than open your artwork and press the “Print” button.
• All required settings like mirror image and printing preferences are pre-set for each transfer media.

Let’s get started

• Launch the SpaceControl software.
• Select the media type you’re planning to print first, for example: TTC3.1.
• Select the paper size.
• Select the paper tray, the multipurpose tray is usually the best choice.
• Open your artwork file, file format: JPEG, TIF, PNG, PSD.

Image settings

• TTC must be mirrored, but SpaceControl selects that automatically.
• Maximize you image when required with the “Fit to page” button.
• Set the number of required copies.
• Enter the “Print” key.
You have just created an optimized transfer print.



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