SpaceControl Basic Print Utility Software Advanced Features 1

This video SpaceControl Basic Print Utility Software Advanced Features (1) shows how SpaceControl makes your life so much easier when printing on transfer material.

Fit to page

This feature allows you to easily fit your image to the selected paper size by one simple click.
• Open your artwork.
• Click on the “Fit to page” button


With SpaceControl you can precisely define the size of your images proportionally in both X and Y direction.
• Enter the required dimension for either X or Y size.

Custom Paper size

Define custom paper sizes and save them as templates. Helpful for alignment on products with special dimensions.

• Click on the “Tools” menu.
• Fill in the required dimensions, type in a name and save it.
• Select the media type.
• Select the custom paper size you created.
• Load your artwork.
• Trim your transfer and load in the selected tray.
• Click on “Print”.



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