How to decorate Garment with MagiCut 123HotMelt and Hot Stamp Foil

Processing Specifications

• Heat Transfer Film: MagiCut 123Hotmelt (HTV)
• Temperature: 155° C / 310° F
• Pressure: medium
• Pressing Time: 3-5 seconds
• Strip: Warm


Use your cutting plotter to cut the design from the 123Flex Film. After cutting, remove all the unwanted surrounding material of the design from the liner.

Application Process

• Set the heat press to the required setting: 155°C / 310°F and 3-5 seconds, medium pressure.
• Place the T-Shirt onto the heat press.
• Place the MagiCut 123Flex Heat Transfer Film (HTV) on the product, carrier side up.
• Press for the set time.
• Remove the shirt and let cool down.
• Strip off the liner.
• Place the T.Foil on the image
• Start pressing
• Remove T-shirt and let cool down
• Strip off T.Foil.


Although it is not necessary, you can post-press for 3 seconds to get a finish with more of the structure from the garment visible in the flex. Don’t post-press too long for this will make the bonding less optimal.

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