Print & Cut with transferpaper

As far back as the 1980s, there has been developments of advanced large-format printers and rock-solid cutting plotters. Both technologies work in the same way – by running a cutter print head over a substrate, while ‘pinch rollers’ feed and eject the material.

What is Print & Cut

Print & Cut reveals it a bit. Literally translated it means: Printing and cutting. The Print & Cut process consists of (transfer) media and a cutter plotter.

How does it work

The cutter must of course recognize what needs to be cut. The software sends the coordinates from the software, the cutter scans the registration marks and the coordinates and cuts along the design.

Three things you need to Print & Cut?

There are three main things that determine the quality and efficiency of your output. If any of these elements are off, your end product will suffer, and it could cost you your reputation.


Obviously the printer/cutter itself is an important part. If it is of good quality and manufactured to the highest standards, it will serve you faithfully for years, provided you follow the cleaning and maintenance guidelines. Any prolonged downtime can be disastrous for a business, so it always pays to opt for a warranty package to get back to work as quickly as possible.


The debate over third-party inks remains hot among print professionals. If you can get a comparable ink at a lower cost, you can improve your bottom line in the short term, but you can also expect consistency issues soon. There is a chance that your device will perform worse after that, as it is only optimized for one particular type of ink. Ultimately, the profit you make by saving on ink will probably be quickly lost.

RIP software

The Raster Image Processor, or RIP, is the piece of software that interprets images on your computer into something your printer/cutter can understand. When you ‘send’ an image to a printer/cutter, the best RIPs will calibrate your print job, depending on the type of media or application, so you can emulate colors perfectly, produce crystal-clear graphics and text, and cut accurately.
As we said, if one of these elements malfunctions, your entire business is at risk. On the other hand, if these three pillars are developed together by the same manufacturer, they will probably work together perfectly and give you more reliable results.

What can you make with Print & Cut

The Print & Cut option offers many possibilities:

  • Cut stickers to size
  • Organize with custom labels for the office
  • Design tags for gifts
  • Make temporary tattoos
  • Personalize party invitations
  • Create gift cards
  • Create printables
  • Customize clothes

And more!

Which transfers are compatible

TheMagicTouch TTC 3.1

TheMagicTouch TTC 3.1 is used for printing white textiles and transfers a thin transfer layer onto the textile. A print that is printed on this transfer layer will then be transferred to the textile. To remove the transfer layer around the design, the printed design on the transfer paper can be cut out with a cutter. To do this, the paper is glued to a cutting mat and the plotter cuts out the outline of the design. The design can then be pressed onto the textile.

For TheMagicTouch TTC 3.1 you need a cutting mat to cut straight through the material.

TheMagicTouch OBM 5.4

TheMagicTouch OBM 5.4 is the transfer paper most used in combination with Print & Cut. Because TheMagicTouch OBM 5.4 itself has an opaque white layer for printing on colored textiles, it is nice to cut the design free-standing so that the white frame around the design is not visible on the textile.

TheMagicTouch DCT 4.5

TheMagicTouch DCT 4.5 is usually used in the transparent version DCT4.5 C without Print & Cut, but the opaque white version DCT4.5W is also very suitable for freestanding cutting with a Print & Cut cutting plotter. In this way (dark) colored products such as candles can be provided with a print.

TheMagicTouch Tattoo 2.1

TheMagicTouch Tattoo 2.1 are mostly different shaped for any kind of skin and spot where the tattoo needs to come. The Print & Cut process is perfect for temporary tattoos. For TheMagicTouch Tattoo 2.1 you need a cutting mat to cut straight through the material.

TheMagicTouch CL*Media

Stickers mostly have a rounded shapes and this is where Print & Cut comes into play.

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