Heatpress settings for Transfer Paper

To make sure you’ll get the best and most perfect result, these guides are made by our experts and we kindly ask to use these guidelines. With our expertise you don’t have to worry because with these settings you’ll get the best results.

Heat press settings for TheMagicTouch transferpapers

Transfer papersPressurePre-pressTemperatureTimePeelAfter-pressAccessoires
TheMagicTouch TTC 3.1High-180-195°C10-15 secondsHot3-5 seconds-
TheMagicTouch TTC 3.1 PlusHigh180-195°C10-15 secondsHot3-5 seconds-
TheMagicTouch OBM 5.4High5 seconds120°C15 secondsWarm-TheMagicTouch T.Seal
TheMagicTouch WoW 7.8-------
Step 1 High5 seconds130-145°C15-60 secondsHot-TheMagicTouch T.Pad
Step 2High5 seconds140°C5 secondsCold15-20 secondsTheMagicTouch T.Seal
TheMagicTouch T.ONEHigh5-10 secondsx5-15 secondsHot15-20 secondsTheMagicTouch T.Seal
TheMagicTouch CPM 6.2Depends on the product-140-150°C----
TheMagicTouch RST 9.1High-160°C60 secondsWet-TheMagicTouch Application Sponge
TheMagicTouch ORD 8.1High5 seconds130°C15 secondsCold-TheMagicTouch Application Sponge
TheMagicTouch Tattoo 2.1-------
TheMagicTouch CoversealHigh-180°C10 seconds-10 secondsTheMagicTouch Application Sponge
TheMagicTouch GlossFinishHigh-180°C15 secondsCold-TheMagicTouch Application Sponge

Please see the individual manuals of TheMagicTouch Transferpapers for a more comprehensive information on how to use it in the shop at each of the respective transferpapers.

Explanation of the terms

Let’s start with Pressure. It is expressed in bar(s) and divided into three criteria:

  • Low pressure: A pressure distribution of 2-3 bar.
  • Medium pressure: A pressure distribution of 4-5 bar.
  • High pressure: A high pressure of 6-8 bar.

With pneumatic transfer presses (at air pressure) you can set the pressure to a certain number of bars.


Prepress without a transfer and straight onto the textile. It brings certain advantages:

  • Gets right of humidity in the fabric which helps the transfer process. Exception is polyester: It is better not to pre-press polyester to reduce the risk of bleeding and polyester does not crease and cannot imbibe as much moist as cotton can anyway so there’s no need to pre-press polyester anyway.
  • It makes sure the surface it flat so you can position your transfer how you like it.

Temperature / Fahrenheit

Temperature is especially important for the processing of any kind of film. If you are not sure or want to know whether your transfer press has the right temperature, you can order temperature strips.


Try to keep the time as accurately as possible. Our manuals have been carefully and extensively tested and are recommended for the best results.


Repress is pressing again after printing with a sheet of release paper on the image. If additional pressing is required, this ensures better adhesion to the product. However, it may also be the case that post-pressing actually reduces the adhesion, or that the image becomes less attractive. That is why we always indicate in the manual and in the overview above whether re-pressing is necessary or not, for the best result.


The specified accessories should be used for best results.
Don’t forget to check our how-to videos about transfer paper.

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