Getting started with Stickers

A sticker or self-adhesive media is an excellent way of decorating any item that does not fit under a heat press or cannot retain the heat. The sticker is for many years a media to express your message or logo outdoors. As we offer a range of self-adhesive PET film in combination with Toner it is completely waterproof. Display your artwork everywhere you want with the High tack or Standard tack PET film. You can give you sticker a better appearance by using a cutting plotter to contour cut your design. Or apply an extra layer of Doming or TheMagicTouch Coverseal to have a high-end result.

What is a sticker

A sticker is film or a paper with self-adhesive glue placed on a carrier, also sometimes referred to as self-adhesive media. Our sticker is made from PET and available in many different flavours. Gold, Silver, White Gloss, White Matt, Clear Gloss, Clear Matt, and White Satin.

What is PET

PET stands for Polyethylene terephthalate, it’s a commend used plastic and can be easily recycled.
It’s designed for outdoor use and does not degrade fast. It can resist many diverse types of liquids.

Self-adhesive glue

The glue is already sticky and does not require heat to become sticky like our TheMagicTouch transfer media. There are two different types of glues, one has a higher tackiness if you stick this on the surface it will be hard to remove it’s permanent. The other one has a standard tackiness you can remove the sticker after applying to the surface. (this will depend on the surface)


There are two different carriers.

    1. Paper carrier
    2. PET carrier.

The High tack will have a PET carrier. The standard tack will have a Paper carrier.

Does CL Media work on a inkjet printer

No, it will not work on an inkjet printer. Its special developed to work with a Dry Toner, Color laser/LED devices. Because dry toner is also plastic you will become fully waterproof.

For what application can I use it

You can make your own personal bumper sticker. Or us it to decorate odd shape items. You can use it to decorate PVC or any other heat sensitive materials. There are many different items you can decorate using a sticker like a, lighter, paper bags, cookie pot, laptop and many more different items.

What do I need to get started

You will need a suitable color laser/LED printer or copier and a box of CL Media of your choice. If required contour cutting you will need a cutting plotter that has an optical head and a software that can do print and cut.

Characteristics of TheMagicTouch CL*Media

NumberFinishFilmThicknessTackinessCarrierWeightCuttableWater repellentOutdoor use
SPF10Clear GlossPET50 μmMediumPaper100g/m2 YesYesYes
SPF12Clear MattPET50 μmMediumPaper100g/m2 YesYesYes
SPF20White GlossPET50 μmMediumPaper100g/m2 YesYesYes
SPF22White MattPET50 μmMediumPaper100g/m2 YesYesYes
SPF26HTWhite SatinPET50 μmHighPETYesYesYes
SPF30Silver GlossPET50 μmMediumPaper100g/m2 YesYesYes
SPF40Gold GlossPET50 μmMediumPaper100g/m2 YesYesYes

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