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Here you will find the installation procedure of the color laser and LED printers that we currently carry or have sold in the past. Follow these instructions to ensure you get a flying start with your printer and the associated TheMagicTouch transferpapers.

Registration and Warranty

For starters it is an exceptionally clever idea to register your printer with the manufacturer. By doing so, you will have the maximum warranty and optimal manufacturer support. For the best piece of mind and knowing you are optimally covered by the factory warranty, registration immediately after your purchase of the printer is always best.

Click on link below to go to the registration page for your printer:

Warranty with OKI – Free extension to 3 years
Warranty at RICOH – Free extension to 1 year


When unboxing, make sure you carefully remove all the colored tapes and packaging material to ensure that nothing is damaged. After unboxing, keep the packaging in case you need to return the printer. When all packaging material is removed and the supplied USB cable is connected, make sure that the USB cable is not yet plugged into the computer. Do not connect the printer yet, do not do this until prompted during installation. First, we must install the driver. This ensures you will have the best driver option on your PC.

Install printer driver

You need a printer driver to ensure that your PC can find and control the printer.

Click on the manufacturer to install the appropriate printer driver for the appropriate operating system.
When more drivers are offered, the PCL 6 driver is your best option.

Printer Driver with OKI
Printer drivers at RICOH

Install TheMagicTouch Software

Read the article Getting started with TheMagicTouch Software for the simple procedure.

There are different versions of TheMagicTouch Software.

• For a CMYK printer: TheMagicTouch Software Basic
• For an OKI A4/A3 CMYW printer: TheMagicTouch Software

You will need a license file for your specific printer. This will be sent to you by E-mail, together with the correct version for your printer by your local TheMagicTouch representation immediately after the printer and/or software has been purchased.

Just follow the instructions in the E-mail to install your TheMagicTouch Software and license file.

Tips & Tricks to get started

If your printer has a multi-purpose tray, open it and use the rear output tray of the printer to create a straight paper path. This is the best way to minimize warping/curling and possible jamming of the transfer paper. On your Ricoh printer make sure you use the extra paper tray.

Your TheMagicTouch Software will automatically indicate the best paper feed option for each type of TheMagicTouch transfer paper as soon as you select your choice.
When the TheMagicTouch Software software presents you the option of using a tray instead of the Multi-purpose tray or manual feed, you are good to put more than one transfer in the tray. If it offers no choice, this is deliberate. That means the indicated tray is the best option.

If you need to use the Multi-Purpose tray it is best not to stack feed, so just put in one transfer at a time.

Feeding direction

It is important to pay attention to the feeding direction of the transfer paper. On some transfer types, the feeding direction is indicated on the back-print by arrows.
For these transfer papers it is important that they are always fed in the direction of these arrows. Not doing so will increase the risk of a paper jam in the printer. The reason some TheMagicTouch transfer papers have the arrows and some not, has to do with the grain direction of the paper. For the transfer papers that do have these arrows, we have two kinds of A4 available. So which one do you need? If you have an A4 printer, choose the A4-R version. Also referred to as SEF. If you have an A3 printer and you want to use A4 paper, order A4. Also referred to as LEF. This way you’ll receive the version with the arrows in the correct direction for your printer.

In the case of a paper jam

In the rare event of a transfer getting jammed in your printer, make sure you always remove the jammed transfers very carefully and gently, immediately while the printer is still warm. Once the printer has cooled down, a jammed transfer is much more difficult to remove. Take the time to have a good look at how to remove the transfer from the fuser unit the best way. Do not use force or tools such as scissors or blades, as these may damage the fuser unit.

Media settings

If you don’t have our RIP TheMagicTouch Software, see the media settings for your printer.

Read on to get the most out of your printer

The article Getting started with transfer paper is full of inspiration about what you can do with TheMagicTouch transfer paper. Or you want to get some tips and tricks for working with printers/copiers for the best results.


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