Getting started with TheMagicTouch Software

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Getting started with TheMagicTouch Software

If you want to use a color laser or LED printer to print TheMagicTouch transfer paper, you want as little hassle as possible. Regardless of if you are using a CMYK or CMYW printer, it would be ideal if you can just load your design and click on print. Well, you can with TheMagicTouch Software. In “Getting started with TheMagicTouch Software” we explain what TheMagicTouch Software actually is, why you need it and what it can do.

What is the TheMagicTouch Software

TheMagicTouch Software is a “Raster Image Processor” usually referred to as a RIP. This basically means that this software helps you to print your designs with exactly the correct settings. Because transfer paper is entirely different from normal plain paper, you also need special settings for the best result in color, fixation (how well the toner sticks to the paper) and, if your printer can print white, the right amount of white toner on the right spot of the image. TheMagicTouch Software is special printing software that helps you with all these things.

Why do I need the TheMagicTouch Software

Nowadays, TheMagicTouch transfer paper can provide you with great professional prints on a huge variety of products. These toner transfer papers require special settings in order to give the best result. Not just with regards to image quality, which obviously has to be as good as possible, but also to optimize the transfer process when pressing the image onto the product. TheMagicTouch Software makes this task really easy. All you have to do is open your image, select TheMagicTouch transfer paper you want to print on and click on print. TheMagicTouch Software takes care of all the required settings with regards to media type, media weight, mirror image printing and color profiles so you got great results with each print. You need TheMagicTouch Software to make your transfer printing quick, easy and in the best quality as possible without having to learn complicated software programs.

TheMagicTouch Software

This version is for the use of CMYK printers. This version has all the excellent features TheMagicTouch Software is known for bar the white toner functions as there is no white toner in a CMYK printer.

Features of this version

1. Pre-set transfer paper settings
2. Preview with what you see is what you get on the product.
3. Super easy user interface.
4. Multiple Language support of 9 languages.
5. Rasterization feature.

TheMagicTouch Software

This version is for the use of A4 CMY+W printers. This version has all the great features of TheMagicTouch Software plus all the control of the white toner you need for printing on transfer paper with your A4, white toner printer.

Features of this version

All the features of TheMagicTouch Software

1. Pre-set transfer paper settings including white toner.
2. Full white toner control.
3. Background removal tool.
4. Transparency support.
5. Wow guard area indication to prevent transfer problems.

TheMagicTouch Software

This version is for the use of A3 CMY+W printers. Like the V3 version V4 can do all the features of the Basic version, with added white toner support for your A3 white toner printer and adds the possibility to switch between white modes: White first or white last printing.

Features of this version are everything the Basic and V3 version can do plus:

1. Switch option between white first or white last printing
2. Full support for the A3 OKI White toner printer

How does the install work?

The install is just like the software itself; Quick and easy. All you need is the installation file and a license for your printer. But first install the driver for your printer otherwise the PC does not know there is a printer connected. Then just double click the install-file and follow the on-screen instructions. After installing all you have to do is open your license file and you are ready to go. Once the license is installed, the software will recognize your printer and pick all the right settings and color profiles. As simple as that.

What are the advantages of TheMagicTouch Software

One window
In different languages
Look at the final result and select a colour so you see how the result looks like
Check or unbox checkboxes. Just yes or no.

Printed from TheMagicTouch Software with Rasterization

Printed from TheMagicTouch Software without Rasterization

What can the TheMagicTouch Software do for you

When a design is opened in TheMagicTouch Software, the RIP software immediately analyses the image, so you can see what you are going to print in the preview Window. When selecting TheMagicTouch transfer paper of your choice, all the settings are immediately applied. If for instance you choose a design that does not work with a specific transfer application, TheMagicTouch Software will show you in the preview. Imagine how much time and money that can safe you!

Furthermore you can optimize the transfer sheet by repeating a small image as much as can fit on your transfer sheet for optimal revenue and efficiency.

With TheMagicTouch Wow7.8 transfer paper for dark garments rasterization is not necessary. However if you want, TheMagicTouch Software offers the possibility to do so if you wish for creative purposes.

Features of TheMagicTouch Software

TheMagicTouch SoftwareOther software
IntefaceOne window to print as many transfers2-5 different windows to print one transfer
FirmwareWindowsWindows, MAC
LanguagesNetherlands, English, Spain, PortugeseEnglish
Different versionsYesNo
Updates Once per 6 monhtsOnce a year

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